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Emigrant Wilderness Historical Use Preservation Act sticky icon

A backpacker's perspective and support for the

Emigrant Wilderness Historical Use Preservation Act
  H. R. 3606

Bill Information

  Conclusions of Analysis
FULL Support for HR 3606, below

Informative Links

Full Text of HR 3606

Original Post: December 2013

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High Sierra Backpacker Weather: reports, forecasts, predictions, snow, roads, conditions sticky icon

Here's the Best Weather Information available for anyone traveling to, backpacking  through, hiking, skiing, or driving across the High Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, or the Western United States. All weather reports and forecasts can be expanded to cover California and National weather conditions.

Very Important Weather Information
The Current "Hot" Topic

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Field Astronomy for the High Sierra Backpacker

Field Astronomy for the High Sierra Backpacker
Tracking the position of the Sun across its diurnal (daily) path tells us the time and keeps us oriented in the terrain by the known compass points of its rising and setting positions.

Sun and Moon rise and set coordinates and times.

The same principals apply to the movement of stars across the night sky. 

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Backpacking Navigation: Time and Space References

2/3rds of Summertime backpacking is during the day, a third is spent under Night Skies. We are going to locate, record, and use the information about sunrise and set times and compass points as our basic backpacking clock and compass during day and night.

Basic Time and Space Orientation
The basic information establishing the relationship between time and space is available from the Trail Guide's Navigation page.

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Kennedy Meadows Pack Station

Matt Bloom and family and friends provide long distance High Sierra backpackers the best of Western Hospitality, food, supplies, laundry and showers along the classic route of the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail where it crosses Highway 108.

Kennedy Meadows is a standard resupply spot for Pacific Crest Trail hikers.

For visitors driving up on Highway 108, the Sonora Pass Highway Kennedy Meadows offers outstanding food, lodging, horses and horsepacking into the Emigrant Wilderness South of Kennedy Meadows Pack Station or North into the Carson Iceberg Wilderness.

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Adventures in Stoving: Comprehensive Backpacking Stove Information

Adventures in Stoving for all aspects of Backpacking Stoves.

Hiking Jim's logical and comprehensive approach to backpacking stoves informs us all. 

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Backpacking Stove Review: The New MSR Windboiler

Backpacking Stove Review: The New MSR Windboiler.

November 30 2014 in Adventures in Stoving.

This review puts the new MSR Windboiler to the test in contrast to the MSR Reactor and the Jet Boil Family of stoves.

If you are looking at purchasing a gas cartridge stove this article covers a lot of terrain. Cost, effectiveness, weight, capacity, boil times, effectiveness in a range of conditions are studied.

Adventures in Stoving Review: The New MSR Windboiler

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Forest Service Trail Crew Construction and Maintenance Notebook

The National Forest Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook is a bible for Trail Crew a basic reference and handbook for the Trail Crew Arts. 

If you are thinking about a career in Trail Crew this book will basically inform you about the nature of the job and how to observe, plan, and execute trail construction and maintenance tasks.

Below find a comprehensive list of Trail Work References

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Bubonic Plague in the High Sierra

This is typical of the language used on the State of California and County Health Department warnings posted on many Federal High Sierra Trailheads. 

High Sierra Bubonic Plague Trailhead Warning image and text





1. The bite of an infected flea.

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Types of High Sierra Vernal Ponds: Black and Blue

High Sierra Vernal Ponds are unique locations that impart a unique feel of serene quiet to the passing backpacker.

Ponds are places where the pace of surrounding life seems to have slowed down, places of quiet solitude.

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