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Tioga Pass Opening Early? Roads and Trails April 2014 sticky icon

2014 has brought a serious amplification of the multi-decadal trend towards shorter, drier Winters in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. This is the least precipitation I've ever seen during Fall and Winter.

Record-breaking historic lows in rain and snow to the High Sierra this Fall and Winter were not offset by our so far below normal Spring rains. "Below normal" Spring rains have been a distinct improvement over the flat-out drought conditions this last Fall and Winter.

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Kingsbury/ NV 207 2014-2015 Summer Construction sticky icon

Cayenne posted up this important-informative notice of upcoming long term work on Nevada Highway 207, Kingsbury Grade. THANKS!

Kingsbury Grade connects the South end of the Carson Valley with the Southeast corner of South Lake Tahoe. Kingsbury Grade hits the Tahoe shore a bit South of Stateline in South Lake Tahoe. There's a road map showing Kingsbury Grade at just above Cayenne's original post. Kingsbury Grade is at the top of the map.

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Emigrant Wilderness Historical Use Preservation Act sticky icon

A backpacker's perspective and support for the


Emigrant Wilderness Historical Use Preservation Act
  H. R. 3606

  Conclusions of Analysis
FULL Support for HR 3606, below

Informative Links

Full Text of HR 3606

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Toiyabe National Forest, A Historical Compilation sticky icon

History of the Toiyabe National Forest, A Compilation

A Must Read!

At least the first few pages. Here we find one of the best summations of the early history of Western trappers, explorers, settlers, and government surveyors exploring and probing the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

This informative early history of the Sierra Nevada gives all hikers an excellent general historical context.

The following Toiyabe National Forest history Compilation is an interesting and very informative document that is as obscure as informative.

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High Sierra & California Weather: reports, forecasts, predictions, snow, roads, conditions, temps, sats, radar sticky icon

Here's the Best Weather Information available for anyone traveling to, backpacking  through, hiking or skiing across the High Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, or the Western United States. All weather reports and forecasts can be expanded to cover California and National weather conditions.

Very Important Weather Information
The Current "Hot" Topic

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Ducks, Stony Ridge Lake, Sept 09

Ducks busy feeding up in the marshy area just South of Stony Ridge Lake on the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail 6.62 miles South of Meeks Bay Trailhead.

Ducks above Stony Ridge Lake, Desolation Wilderness, Tahoe to Yosemite Trail.

September 17 2009


Stony Ridge Lake


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High Sierra Nevada List of Check Dams

Rough Draft List of all High Sierra Check Dams between

Lake Tahoe to Mount Whitney,

Along the Tahoe to Yosemite, Pacific Crest, and John Muir Trails.


Lake Genevieve, Desolation Wilderness

Stony Ridge Lake, Massive Check Dam

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Making Quick Transition from SPRING to SUMMER Conditions Late March 2014

 Making Quick Transition from SPRING to SUMMER Conditions as of Late March  2014

High Sierra Backpacker Weather

Classic Drought Conditions Persist from Winter into Spring

Trail Guide Site Status
mid-March 2014

Draft Trail Guide pages cover the whole High Sierra Crestline and asscoiated trails from Meeks Bay South to Tuolumne Meadows, including resupply and permit pages.

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Grizzly Peak to Jack Main Canyon via Bond Pass

We hike South on the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail from the Grizzly Peak trail junction 1.08 miles to the next Horse Meadow trail junction on the North side of Summit Meadow.  This one is marked with a recently replaced trail post (2012).

Horse Meadow trail junction

A short hike South Into the middle of Summit Meadow we find the trail Southeast to Snow Lake. 

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Brown Bear Pass to Grizzly Peak trail junction

Brown Bear Pass marks our exit from Summit Creek's awesome valley into the High Emigrant Meadow.

Brown Bear Pass to Bond Pass and Yosemite

On the far side of Emigrant Meadow a 200 foot low ridge divides Emigrant Meadow and Emigrant Meadow Lake from Grizzly Peak surrounded by Grizzly Meadow on its East side. 

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